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Southwold, High Street 1896

Looking backward, shutters and grilles is not a new thing, but was founded hundreds of years ago to improve security. In Britain, the shop front commonly used horizontal hinged wooden shutters instead had a glazing in the windows. They would hinge upwards the top shutter (larger shutter) to make it as a shelter and bottom shutter would hinge downwards to display items for sale.

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In the middle of 1800s, glass manufacturing cost fell and the glass duty tax was repealed. This sheered the expenses of glass, and glass start to use in most of the shop windows. Many wooden shutters were remained to protect the glass and the items behind.  Metal grilles began commonly used at night to secure the shop, and also allow people to view the goods display behind the window.  Wooden shutters at the domestic windows are also to keep warm and protect the expensive glass and item of the shop or home.

Although metal shutters in modern are for security purpose, but it has a sad story before it was commonly used by shop on the street. There are always riot happened on the street, until 1970s and early 1980s. Most of the shop owner received large amount of loss due to the item damage cause by the riots. In the modern, shutters and grilles are highly improved and provided different materials to meet different need.

By: Thomas Teohttp://ragrani.ru


Thing like autogate and fence required more maintenance effort as they are expose under the weather, no matter raining or sunshine. What can we do to maintain the condition of fence? By doing a good maintenance of fence, it can protect your home for long term.

Do Regular Cleaning
To clean wrought iron fence, prepare some dish cleaning liquid with some water and sponge or old clothes. You can use a spray to clean the ornate part of the fence for better cleaning effect. Use a old clothes to dry the fence . Use some wax to protect the paint on the fence. If there is any part was damage with scratch, sand it with steel wool and apply some rust-resistant metal paint.

Flaking or Bubbling Paint
If you found any flaking or bubbling paint, get it off from wrought iron using a brush. You must clean up the area before applying rust-retarding primmer. Finally, use a small brush or spray to apply rust-resistant paint.

Large Areas of Rust Spots
Sometimes, we might not realize the damage happened on the fence. If you see large areas of rust, you will need to repaint the fence. Use a wire brush to remove all the rust and flaking paint. For deeper rust, use a coarse file to clean it. After removing the damaged part, use rust remover and sandpaper to sand the surface. Use trisodium phosphate to to do final cleaning. After the fence dry, apply rust-inhibiting metal primmer and black rust-resistant metal paint.